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Bonjour people! I am Ved, nutritionist & wellness advisor. Ever since I was a kid, it was hard to find anybody who I could talk to about certain important parts of my life. I could never express my feelings properly, open my heart out, or understand small details that made me. 

In today's world, even though there are millions and billions of people connected to each other, there are yet numerous things that often remain unsaid. Essential knowledge on topics like physical health, nutrient-rich lifestyle and mental health awareness usually lack at reaching the needy people. 

At Wellness by Ved, we talk about things most of us didn't have the space or the right to talk about. Our articles are for every individual seeking for a way to live a better life by improving their day-to-day eating habits, mental & physical state, and overall wellness!

I hope we do an excellent job at educating you all about these necessary elements of life. Please feel free to reach out and have a healthy conversation with us about absolutely anything. 

wellness by ved
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